2022 2nd International Conference on Electronic Information Engineering and Computer Science (EIECS 2022)


Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

1.Electronic information engineering

  • Signal processing

  • Wireless network and information system

  • 6th generation mobile communication technology (6g)

  • Sensors and Internet of things

  • Mobile computing and edge computing

  • GPS and wireless positioning

  • Physical Electronics

  • Microelectronics and solid state electronics

  • Micro nano electronic technology

  • Electromagnetic field and microwave technology

  • Circuit and system

  • Air-space-ground integrated communication network technology

  • Theory and technology of microwave/millimeter wave system

  • Integrated stereo imaging and machine vision technology

  • Photoelectric signal and information processing

2.Computer science

  • Computer system

  • Computer aided technology

  • Computer graphics

  • Audio/video system and signal processing

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning and deep learning

  • Smart transportation and smart city

  • Computer network technology

  • Network security

  • Medical information software

  • Cloud computing

  • Big data

  • Blockchain Technology

  • Entertainment and games

  • Human computer interaction and user experience

  • Smart phones and mobile devices technology

  • Virtual reality, augmented reality and display applications

  • Intelligent computing and intelligent software

  • Digital media technology and system

  • Intelligent control and brain Informatics

  • Software engineering and information system

  • Middleware technology and heterogeneous system integration

  • Database and data mining

  • Computer graphics image processing and recognition

  • Computer simulation and virtual reality technology

3.Control science and engineering

  • Automation

  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerance

  • Advanced control

  • Power electronics and electrical control

  • Circuit system optimization


  • Security technology

  • New energy system and control technology

  • Pattern recognition and intelligent control

  • Robotics

  • Detection technology and automation device

  • Pattern recognition and intelligent system

  • Control theory and control engineering

  • Micro nano manipulation and manufacturing

4.Other related topics